Image: Emily Danielle Photography
Image: Emily Danielle Photography

There is a word that I would like to take out of the vocabulary of flipped classroom teachers. It is the word, watch.  Students are supposed to watch a video at home and then come to class prepared to learn.  Watch is a passive word.  Students watch Batman, they watch The Voice, but we don’t want students to watch flipped class videos.


We want them to interact with the video content. There is research which states that passive learning (even via video), doesn’t help students achieve more.  Here are a few practical ways you can bring in some interactivity into your Flipped Class videos.

Low Tech

  • Set up an advanced organizer for students to use as they interact with the video.
  • Tell students to pause the video and do something like solve a problem, or predict, or write down an interesting question.  [Hint:  If you tell them to pause the video, make sure you pause for a few seconds, to give them time to hit the pause button].

High Tech

  • Create a google form (See our video on how to do this HERE), which the students will use to answer questions.
  • Use the built in quizzing feature in your school’s Learning Management System.
  • Use some free tools like or, which will pause the video at teacher- selected times and insert pop-up questions. Afterward, the teacher knows who watched the video, how long they watched the video, if they skipped any parts of the video, and how well they did on each question.
  • Use a questioning app such as Verso, which has students interact with each other on learning objects such as flipped videos.
  • Build your video using one of these tools, which provide analytics of student responses:

So lets take the word watch out of our vocabulary, and start telling people we are having students interact with content before class.

Please share with us other ways you have students interact with your flipped class videos.

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