Foundations of Flipped Learning

Aaron Sams, Jon Bergmann, The Flipped Learning Network, and Pearson Education joined forces recently to develop the course:  Foundations of Flipped Learning.  You can learn more information about this course by clicking HERE


Beyond the Flipped Mastery Class:  Fall 2013

An online course taught by Jon:  In the 21st Century, advancing students’ knowledge by leveraging available time and technology is crucial. A key question this class will address is:  What is the best use of a teachers face-to-face class time. Many teachers have flipped their classrooms and realize there is a next step in their evolution.  They are ready to move beyond the flipped classroom.  One way many people have moved beyond the Flipped Classroom has been to adopt the Flipped-Mastery Model. After completing this course educators will be able to:

  • Understand why they should consider implementing a Flipped-Mastery Classroom
  • Have designed one Flipped-Mastery Unit of study

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