Name & Date of Event Presentation Materials
Tec De Monterrey:  Keynote slide deck on 12/12/13 Keynote Address
eLearning Symposium: Costa Mesa 12/7/2013 Keynote Address
Webinar:  ACSI 12/4/2013 Slide Deck
Learning & the Brain Conference Keynote:  Boston 11/15/2013 Keynote Address Slide Deck
iPad Summit Boston 11/14/2013 Why the iPad is Perfect for the Flipped Classroom
Flip Foundations: San Antonio TX: 11/7-11/8 2013All of these are the videos I made with Doceri.  I think some of them cut off because I put my iPad down and then the iPad did an auto shut-off Main Presentation (Part 1)Main Presentation (Part 2)13 Laws of VideoCollege-Career Readiness Presentation
Webinar:  Revitalize your PLC with the Flipped Classroom Presentation
Flipped Classroom:  Stockholm, Sweden with InfoMentorOctober 8, 2013 KeynoteFlipped MasteryMore Than One Way to Flip
Adobe Webinar: 10 Things You Should Know Before You Flip Your Classroom:  Sept 19, 2013 Presentation
WTI Summer Blended Learning Institute:  LaCrosse WI, August 22, 2013 Participant Worksheet: 10 Questions Before You Flip
University of Texas BrownsvilleAugust 19, 3013 Participant Worksheet: 10 Questions Before You FlipMain Presentation
CPS iPad Academy:August 16, 2013 Video Playlist for Flip Your Elementary Classroom:  There are 5 videos to watchCopy of the presentation
Warren Township High School Main Presentation
FLN/NYSCATE 8/6-8/7 2013 Main Presentation
Sweet Home Schools 8/5/13 Main Workshop Presentation, Content, Curiosity & Relationships
 Texas Region IX:  July 30-31 2013  Shared Google DocMain Presentation, Mastery Learning 

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