There are a wide variety of places to store videos on the web. The most popular website for video hosting on the planet is YouTube.  But in many schools, YouTube is blocked so for some this is not a viable option.  Below is list of some sites where videos can be stored

YouTube In some cases this is blocked so it may not be the best option. But if it isn't, every internet connected device a student might own will work with YouTube
TeacherTube This site is great for schools who have YouTube blocked.  No objectionable content here This site has a free and a paid version.  This is where Aaron and Jon hosted their videos when they first started flipping. integrates very well with Techsmith Products (Camtasia, Snagit, Techsmith Relay, and Knowmia) because it is owned by the team at Techsmith
Acclaim Create your own video channel with this nice tool.  They have lots of features that make this an excellent choice
Google Drive A little known feature of google drive is the fact that you can host videos in your google drive.  Those videos can then be made public for all to see.  You can also share videos with selected people.
 Learning Management Systems Many Learning Management Systems offer the ability to host a video inside of the platform.  See our page on LMS options.


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