doceriI did an interesting project this past week.  I wanted to play around with my new favorite iPad Screencasting app, Doceri, to create a flipped class video.  But as I was making the video, I realized I needed somebody else be an inquisitive student.  You see, I believe that one ingredient in making a quality flipped class video is to make it conversational.  One person plays the role of the expert (the teacher), and the other takes the role of an inquisitive student.  But since I didn’t have an inquisitive student readily available, I made one up.  I used the Telegami app to create “Joey”, who asks the questions.  Once I had created each of the videos, I dumped them all into iMovie for the iPad and created the video below.  I chose a topic that many students struggle with:  Adding Fractions with different Denominators.  Note where I pulled in an iMovie title where I messed up and didn’t want to re-record (at 0:19).  I also used photo booth from my computer but it was laggy (you will see), so I don’t think this is the best use of Photo Booth).

What do you think?  Does this workflow work for you?

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