Seven Ways We Can Help You

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Workshops for Educators


We can customize a full or half day workshop that is highly participatory and customized to fit your needs based on your advanced input.  This is not the traditional "sit and get" seminar.  Participants are expected to be ready to dive into flipping their thinking, classroom time, technology, and training.  We will work with you to accommodate your desired percentage of time spent on "hands-on practical skills" versus "big picture concepts and pedagogy."

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Professional Development for Educators


One day workshops are good, but we have found that by working with schools and districts on an ongoing basis, you will achieve a higher level of flipped learning implementation that is sustainable and measurable.  

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Keynote Speakers for Conferences Worldwide


Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams have many years of experience presenting inspiring Flipped Learning keynote presentations focused on student engagement and success in the classroom. Keynotes are customized to fit the specific needs and priorities of our clients.

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Workshops for Administrators


Once teachers start to implement Flipped Learning, what are the innovative best practices that can be used to support your faculty and district?  Why is the flipped classroom occurring in your schools?  What's working?  What needs improvement?  How can you reach your short and long term goals for the future?

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Strategic Consulting for Schools, Districts and Governments


Jon Bergmann, Aaron Sams, and the rest of the team can help you objectively analyze your current situation while helping you to leverage best practices from around the world.  This allows you to dramatically shorten your learning curve and increase effectiveness.  

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Flipped Bootcamp & Specialized Workshop Topics ( Flipped Mastery )


Flipped Bootcamp is a great way to give your team a basic primer on the beneifts and pedagogy of Flipped Learning in the classroom.

In addition, we offer specialized workshop sessions that include:  Flipped Mastery, Flipped Peer Instruction, Flipped Project Based Learning, Flipped Genius Hour, Flipped Mastery with Gamification, Flipped Class 101, and more.



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Customized Flipped Training for Your Business


Small and large businesses in a wide variety of industries can take advantage of our Flipped Learning techniques to reduce training costs and increase productivity.  

Our corporate clients include Wella AG ( Procter & Gamble), the Association for Continuing Legal Education ( ACLEA ), Promat ( Manufacturing & Supply Chain Association ), and iSchool ( Leading LMS system in Asia ).