FlippedDayWhen you first hear about the flipped classroom, you might think you have to flip an entire class.  You might believe you have to completely end all live direct instruction and make videos of all of your lessons.


You don’t have to flip an entire class.  You can flip just one single lesson.  Though many teachers have gone “all in” with the flipped class, many are testing the waters of the flipped model one lesson at a time.
If you are interested in flipping, or are a veteran flipper, The Flipped Learning Network and FlippedClass.com want to invite everyone to Flip One Lesson on our second annual Flipped Day on October 1, 2014. So if you are intrigued about the flipped classroom, we would like you to commit to flipping one lesson on or around October 1st.  We hope you will document your pledge to flip by going to http://flippedday.org and submitting your lesson.

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