I am preparing to do a workshop with Icelandic Educators this week and I was asked to give them a list of questions to consider as they begin to flip their classes.  As I wrote these I realized that many people could benefit from these questions.  It is no doubt an incomplete list.  If you have more questions that I should include, please comment and I will add them.  


Overall Questions

  • What is the best use of your  face-to-face class time?

  • What is one lesson that you teach that is perfect for flipping?

  • As you start flipping, who will you work with?

  • Are you willing to give up some of the control of your classroom to your students? This is a scary thing for many teachers who like control.

  • If you flip, WHAT will you do in your class now that you are not lecturing?

  • Do you need additional resources since you will now have more time to do in-class higher order thinking and problem solving as a result of the extra time?

  • How will you rearrange your room as you consider flipping your classroom?

  • To what extent will you create vs curate your videos?

  • Will you completely flip your class, or just do selected lessons?

  • How will you learn more about flipped learning (books, the web)?

  • How much time do you have to commit to flipping your classroom?

  • How will your students access your videos?  Do you have any students who will need to access the videos when NOT connected to the internet?

  • If you teach multiple classes:  Which class will you flip first?

  • Have you considered moving to a Flipped-Mastery model?


Technical Questions about Video Creation:

  • What software will you use to make your videos?

  • Do you need any hardware like a better microphone or a tablet to write with?

  • Where will you post your videos? (YouTube? Somewhere else?)

  • How will you link your videos from your Learning Management System?


Classroom Questions

  • How will you monitor if the students watched the video?

  • How will you grade their watching of the videos?

  • How will you build in interactivity into your video lessons?  (A Google form?  Notes on paper? a A question? Something else?)

  • What are you going to do when a student doesn't watch your video?

  • How will you change your assessment as a result of flipping your class?

  • How will you communicate what you are doing with your administration?

  • How will you communicate what you are doing with your students?

  • How will you communicate what you are doing with your parents?


17 thoughts on “Key Questions You Should Ask Before You Flip Your Class

  1. I am a colleg instructor, thinking about flipping in the fall. Is it possible to get answers to the question or your presentation? Most of the questions I need the answers too as well.


    1. Linda:  Many of the questions are answered in my book:  Flip Your Classroom.  And then many of them are ones you need to ask yourself before you start flipping.

  2. Hi Jon, I have been watching your videos and researching the flipped classroom for next year. This summer will be spent creating videos with my Co-Teacher for our Earth Science class. Did you post your videos on you tube or did you use a more controlled site like sophia.org or edmodo?

  3. Hi! I am flipping my Earth Science class in September with my Co-Teacher.
    I am a special education teacher and am very excited about the new ways to meet the needs of our kids! Did you originally post your videos on you tube or did you use an orgainzed “safe” site like sophia.org or edmodo?

    1. We first posted our videos to a place called google video which doesn’t exist anymore.  That said and where should you put your video:  There is no right answer.  You need to find which site works best for you.  Both edmodo and sophia are nice sites that work well.  You can also find many of my earth science videos on my youtube channel:  http://youtube.com/learning4mastery  I have a couple of playlists set up where I teach through my 9th grade astronomy and earth science course. 

  4. I introduced from Indonesia. I am very interested in the method you use, but I have some questions, what if a student or some students do not have the spirit of learning? and What are i am going to do when a student doesn’t watch your video? despite already using inverse class method. What should I do? Thanks

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