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Flipped Learning – A Journey Not Just A Destination  ( case study on page 16 by Jeremy LeCornu — South Australia )

Grade 4 teacher Toni Sartorelli’s is “flipping” parts of her math class at Johnny Bright School this year.

Sept 2015

March 2015

“The Flipped Classroom:  One Teacher’s Reflections on an Innovative Idea” by Daniel Nemerow, M. Ed. March 2014
Flipped Classrooms Turning Learning on its head--San Diego Union–Nice piece about how The Flipped Class Movement is growing in the San Diego Area March 2013
Technology Links Flipped Classroom Program at Warren High School–Chicago Sun Times Feb 2013
Huffingtion Post Live:  A lively 20 min discussion about the Flipped Class.  Air date was 2/4/2013–About 25 min long Feb 2013
AP Story about Flipped Learning which was published in a variety of News OutletsUSA TodayABC NewsPioneer Press--Twin Cities…And many many more Jan 2013
Upside Down Calssroom: Does Flipping Work–Take Part Media–Nice peice featuring Crystal Kirch Dec 2012
Pearson & Flipped Learning Network Develop Flipped Learning Course Dec 2012
Kenowa Teacher becomes Expert in Flipped Classroom–Article about Delia Bush and her Flipped Classroom Dec 2012
Flipping the Script in K-12–District Administration Magazine Nov 2012
The Flipped Classroom--New York University Press Nov 2012
Flipping This Class-A Journey from Professor to Populizer–Prof. Ainissa Ramirez shares her story of making flipped class videos Nov 2012
16 Flipped Classrooms from Around the World–Edudemic Nov 2012
Flipping the Script in K12–District Admin Magazine Nov 2012
Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ Talks Flipped Classrooms — THE Journal Oct 2012
STEM teacher uses flip method to put classroom focus on students, not teacher Oct 2012
Five Buzzwords you are likely to hear in education this school year–CNN Sept 2012
Fox 5 News in San Diego does a great piece about a 4th grade flipped class Sept 2012
Focus on EdTech Sept 2012
School Ready for Spotlight:  An artilce about Havanna High School in rural Illinois about their experiment with the flipped classroom August 2012
The Story:  Listen to an amazing story as Clintondale High School Students Explain how the flipped class has transformed their lives
iPads Seem to Raise Scores in Charter School–Article about how a school flipped their classroom using iPads.  I think the title of the article might be attributing the wrong thing for the increased test scores August 2012
Flipped Classrooms Create Magic and Controversy-The Vancover Sun (British Columbia) August 2012
Resetting Education: YouTube and the Flipped Classroom–Vator News July 2012
Brian Lehrer’s TV Show via skype in New York:  Fast forward to 33:55 June 2012
There is more thean one way to flip a classroom--Via Ed Week.  A great article that helps define what a flipped class is.  Report of a panel discucssion that Aaron and I led at ISTE 2012 June 2012
Flipped Learning Founders Set the Record Straight–THE Journal:  Interview with Aaron Sams and I about misconceptions around the flipped learning model June 2012
Flipped Classrooms seen as new teaching tool-St Louis Beacon June 2012
Flipped Classes: Dispelling Mythis and Sharing What Works--Converge Magazine interview with pioneer Brian Bennett June 2012
The Flipped Classroom:  Explanation and Resources–The EdTech Times June 2012
Why Flipped Classrooms are Here to Stay–Education Week–Article I wrote with Aaron Sams for Education Week June 2012
Why Good Teachers, Not Good Videos are the Key to the Flipped Classroom–Indiana State Impact June 2012
How to Implement the Flipped Class–eSchool News (Book excerpt of Aaron and my book) May 2012
The Truth About Flipped Learning–eSchool News–Post by Aaron Sams and Brian Bennett May 2012
Reflecting on the Fliped Class--Artcile by Stacy Roshen in the Daily Riff May 2012
Flipping Classroom-Teachers Turn Learning on Its Head–Concordia College News May 2012
Flipping the PE Class-eschool news May 2012
Making the Whole Class Flip: The Online Revolution–MaComb County MI May 2012
Havanna High Classes will be Flipped–PJ Star May 2012
Is Professorial Ego Driving Opposition to Flipped Learning--eCampus News May 2012
To Flip or Not to Flip?–Edudemic May 2012
Flipped! Dowell Middle School Turns Math Instruction on Its Head–Twon Square Buzz-McKinney TX May 2012
EdX: Flipping Classrooms the Right Way-The Stanford Review May 2012
Stanford Professors Propose Re-Imagining Medical Education with Lecture-Less Classrooms–Stanford School of Medicine May 2012
A New Homework Strategy-Flipped Classrooms–Hartford Courant May 2012
Farmingham High Teachers try “flipped classroom.” The MetroWest Daily News May 2012
The flip: Classwork at home, homework in class–Washington Post April 2012
Lectures by Videocast-Assignments at School–Newark Advocate May 2012
Laptops Replace Lectures in Area Schools–Miluakee Journal Sentinal April 2012
Flipping the Classroom Requires More than Videos:  Wired Magazine April 2012
Flipping the Classroom-Breaking the Mold of Traditional Teaching–Scholastic April 2012
The Digital Education Revolution, Cont–Meet TED-ED’s New Online Learning Platform–The Atlantic April 2012
CBS Chicago did a piece on the Flipped Classroom April 2012
Flipping the Classroom:  Professors move to hands on learning–The Republic (Columbus, Indiana) April 2012
Flipping the Classroom: Professor Moves to Hands on Learning–Cincinatii Magazine April 2012
Students Enthusistic About Flipped Classroom–Education News (UK) April 2012
Arizona Schools flipping homework, lectures April 2012
Flipped Learning:  A Response to Five Common Criticsms–eSchool News March 2012
Flipped Classrooms Aid Student Learning–Michigan Center for Public Policy March 2012
Minnesota Journal of School Boards–Good article about Flipped Classrooms and a good Q/A section March 2012
Providence Day Students Flip for a new way of Learning–Charlotte Observer March 2012
Role Reversal–The Gaurdian March 2012
Flipped Class May Become the Norm in B-Schools:  Economic Times March 2012
New Classroom Models–Interview with Brian Bennett with a local NPR station Feb 2012
7 Things You Should Know about the Flipped Classroom–Educause Feb 2012
E-School News:  A First Hand Look Inside of the Flipped Classroom Feb 2012
Allen HS in TX gets News Coverage from Local News Station Feb 2012
Rock Hill Students Use iPods in Flipped Class–Hearald Online Feb 2012
Purdue University Explores Flipped Learning Feb 2012
7 Things You Should Know about the Flipped Classroom-Educause Feb 2012
Flipping the Classroom:  Bringing Homework to the Classroom and the Classroom to the Home–Ed Tech Tribune Feb 2012
Reverse Instruction Tools and Tecniques–Emerging Ed Tech Feb 2012
Webinar with Aaron Sams, Pioneer in the Flipped Class Jan 2012
EduVision Video on the Flipped Class–EduVision did a special on the flipped class and featured it on their web page Feb 2012
Flipping the Classroom with Digital Media Content Feb 2012
The Flipped Class on ABC News--Channel 2 in Washingtion DC Feb 2012
San Diego Teachers Flipping Their Classes –KBPS News Radio Jan 2012
My View: Flipped Classrooms Give Every Student A Chance To Succeed--CNN Jan 2012
Five Minute Primer:  Flipped Classes  — CNN Jan 2012
Shifting the Classroom, One Step at a Time–Mind-Shift, How We Learn Jan 2012
Debating the Flipped Class at Stanford-Chronicle of Higher Education Jan 2012
Brian Bennett featured on his school districts newsletter Jan 2012
Flipped Class Method Gaining Ground–District Administration Newsletter Dec 2011
New twist in Education: “Flipped Classroom makes homework an in-school effort, puts lectures online–Pittsburg Post Gazette Jan 2012
The Flipped Classroom — Education Next (An interview with Jon Bergmann about the Flipped Class Winter 2012
Flipping Class–The Red Wing Repulican (Featuring Math Teacher Chad Bray Dec 2011
Interview with Greg Green:  Principal of the Flipped High School.  This is an interview with Alan November Dec 2011
Flipping for Beginners–Harvard Education Letter Dec 2011
How a Flipped Classroom Actually Works–Edudemic (Featuring Susan Murphy) Dec 2011
Flipping for Beginners: Inside the New Classroom Craze–Harvard Education Letter Nov 2011
The Flipped Class Manifest--The Daily Riff (Co-Authored by a host of the biggest names in the Flipped Class Movement Nov 2011
The Flipped Class: Show me the Data–The Daily Riff–By Stacy Roshan a math teacherThe best way to reah each student?  Private Math Teacher Flips Learning Nov 2011
The Flipped Class: What it is and What it is Not–Daily Riff Summer2011
Are You Ready to Flip–Daily Riff Summer 2011
The Flipped Class Revealed--Daily Riff Summer 2011
Using the Inverted Classroom to Teach Software Engineering, Gannod, Burge, Helmick, Miami University, 2008 2008
Inverting the Classroom: A Gateway to Creating an Inclusive Learning
History and Effectiveness of Mastery Learning in Mathematics: From B.F. Skinner to the Internet, Gerald Overmyer, Colorado State University, April 2010. April 2010
Mastery Learning and the Flipped Class: A Resource Guide, Philip McIntosh, March 2011 March 2011
Flipping is Number 7 on List of 10 Biggest Ed-Tech Stories of 2011 Dec 2011
Flipping the Classroom–The Economist Sept 2011
Flip Thinking-The New Buz-Word Sweeping the US--The Telegraph (Dan Pink) Sept 2011
The Flipped Model Increases Student Achievement--The Economist May 2011
Teachers Doing the Flip to Help Students Become Better Learners-The Daily Riff (Stacy Roshan) May 2011
How the Flipped Classroom is Radically Transforming Learning -The Daily Riff (Bergmann/Sams) Jan 2011
The Best Way to Reach Each Student–The Daily Riff (Stacy Roshan) Jan 2011
The Flipped Classroom Defined–A great INFOGRAPHIC about the flipped class Sept 2011
The Flipped Classroom — Education Next Winter 2012
WIP: Using Podcasting in an Inverted Classroom, Gannod, Miami University, 2007 2007
Flipped Classrooms Provide New Perspective–The Post Journal Nov 2011
Not exactly an artcile, but more like a web page:  USM Flipped Class
The Backwards Class–THE Journal Feb 2011
The Vod Couple–The Journal (An early article about Bergmann/Sams) Aug 2009


Blog Posts

Follow Brian Bennet’s blog where he frequently discusses the Flipped Class Ongoing
Hamilton Middle School Flipped Learning Page Ongoing
Positive Publicity Makes of for a Long & Exciting Week–Flipped Class Elementary Expert, Delia Bush shares about an exciting week 12/2012
Flipped Classroom Renovates Mindset–I always like reading her blog.  She writes so well 12/2012
The Flipped Classroom Professional Development–A really good page with lots of details about how to implent the flipped classroom 11/2012
Flipped Learning is NOT about the Videos--My Blog about Myths 11/2012
Flipping in Physcial Education: Its All About the Videos 11/2012
What about Students without Access to Technology at Home 11/2012
Flipped Teaching–a great blog post about what Flipped-Learning is. 10/2012
7 Steps + 33 Resources for the Flipped Class 9/2012
Flipping Your Class – Digital Learning Toolbox–This addresses the technology tools for those who are wanting to make their own videos for the flipped class 9/2012
Our In Class Archaeological Dig!–How a flipped history teacher was able to do more and deeper activities in his class 9/2012
Flipping with Kirch--Crystal Kirch takes us through her journey of the flipped class Ongoing
CanFlip Presentation:  Presentation by Canadian Flippers about the flipped class 9/2012
Flipping the Narative--A teachers reflections on her first few weeks of school 9/2012
My First Interactive Video–Making better videos–making them interactive 9/2012
Establishing Classroom Routines: flex time, learning journals, hot seat, packets and more! 9/2012
Flipping the Mindset–It is more important to flip your mind is the most important step. 9/2012
The Flip: Why I Love it? How I Use it?  9/2012
PlayList about Flipped Learning–Lots of links to articles, videos, etc 9/2012
My First Week with the Flipped Class-Physics Teacher shares his first week. 9/2012
3 Misconceptions about the Flipped Class 9/2012
8 More Flips for the Coming School Year–Thoughful post about other applications for the flipped classroom 8/2012
Pre-Flipping: The Steps I took to Start Flipping US History 8/2012
Flipping for Administrators:  My discussion about how Administrators can support their teachers as they flip their classrooms.  I wrote this in preperation for talking to the senior leadership at a large school district in the Atlanta suburbs 8/2012
Five Best Practices for the Flipped Classroom–From Edutopia (The George Lucas Foundation) 8/2012
Flipping the Library 8/2012
Whew: Setting Up My Classroom for #flipclass--Crystal Kirch discusses how she set up her class with the Flipped Class in mind 8/2012
The Life and Death of the Flipped Classroom 8/2012
A Smooth Transition to the Flip--Poplular blogger Erin Klien talks about the flip 8/2012
The Flipped Classroom-WSQing into TWIRLS–Crystal Kirch Explains how she plans to use her WSQ method to help students make sense of the videos 8/2012
What I don’t Hear Emphasized Enough about the Flipped Classroom--History teacher talks about some of his concerns 8/2012
The Flipped Classroom:  A Pedagogy for Differentiating Instruction and Teaching Skills 8/2012
Flipping the Flipped Classroom 8/2012
A Smooth Transition to the Flipped Classroom-Blogger Erin Klien gives some great suggustions as teachers transition to the flipped classroom 8/2012
Flipped Classrooms: Lets Change the Discussion–Brian Bennett challenges us to rethink what flipped classrooms should look like 8/2012
Still More about Flipping Faculty Meetings 8/2012
The Foundations of the Flipped Classroom 8/2012
So You Want to Flip Your Class…. Three outsanding educators contribute to this very helpful blog about the three pillars of the flipped class 7/2012
Managing the Flipped Classroom through Google Apps 7/2012
Defining Flipped Classroom:  The Next Frontier 7/2012
My Flipped Classroom Centers-Spanish teacher talks about reinventing her classroom 7/2012
What to do inside the flipped classroom 7/2012
Flipping the Classroom: A Goldmine of Research & Resources to keep you on your feet.  Lots of links to great articles, blogs, and some good thoughtful comentary 7/2012
My Wife Flipped Out:  Elementary School Flipping 7/2012
Flipping:  Its not just for the classroom 7/2012
Flipping an Elementary Classroom–My blogpost about this important topic 7/2012
What is a Flipped Classroom: In the English Classroom? 7/2012
Pors and Cons of the Flipped Classroom–Mary Beth Hertz is a popular blogger and educational technologist who shares her thoughts 7/2012
Flipping: Let Met Count the Ways--Flipping History teachers shres about how to flip a history class 7/2012
Concerted Chaos–A new blogger to the flipped realm.  Follow him as he journals his foray into all things flipped 7/2012
Flipped Classrooms & Centers in the World Language Classroom 7/2012
What if you flipped faculty meetings?–nice post and something I have been thinking about. 7/2012
The Case For Mastery:  Learn from a teacher who flipped and sees his next step 7/2012
 Why Flip Out?–Thoughtful post about why she flipped.  She is a history teacher 7/2012
Flipped Learning: Going Beyond the Obvious 7/2012
The iPad in Flipping: Reflections of a Concerned Teacher 6/2012
Choreography of a Flipped Classroom 6/2012
4 Ways Flipping Forces Fundamental Change 6/2012
Flipped Classrooms:  Beyond the Videos 6/2012
Inverted or Flipped Classrooms: What are they and how do they work 6/2012
What to do Inside the Flipped Class 6/2012
To Flip or Not to Flip:  That is the Flipping Question 6/2012
Is the Flipped Classroom the right Tech Approach for Teachers 6/2012
What it Means to Flip and English Class 6/2012
Thinking About the Flipped Classroom 6/2012
There is more thean one way to flip a classroom--Via Ed Week.  A great article that helps define what a flipped class is 6/2012
A White Blank Page–A Flipped English teacher talks about his plans to start flipping for next school year 6/2012
Thoughts on #FlipCon12 & #flipclass–Virtual Atendee from the Flipped Class Conference talks about the value of the conference. 6/2012
The Flipped Classroom:  Getting Started 6/2012
Flipped Learning is the HOW of Educational Reform--My blog about how I see flipped learning as transitional to deeper learning in the calssroom 5/2012
The Flip:  Shellly Wright, a Canadian teacher explains why she loves the flip 5/2012
Flipping Instruction in a Captivating Fashion 5/2012
Five Best Practices of the Flipped Classroom 5/2012
Flipped Classroom:  Beyond the Videos:  5/2012
Crystal Kirch did a survey of her students about their thoughts about the flipped class. I would encourage you to read these two thoughtful posts about her students reactions to the flipped class.Free Response Answers     Objetive Based Answers 5/2012
Excuse me, I think I am having a revolution!  This is an AWESOME post about how the flipped class helped this teacher do best practices in her class. 5/2012
Flipped Classroom Changing Perception 5/2012
What my students thing about the fliped classroom–Physics teacher asks his students. 5/2012
Flipping Out--What is the Flipped Classroom 5/2012
Times:  They are-a-changing:  Reflections on the flipped class 5/2012
How I designed my Classroom--teacher Jasper Fox Sr explains how he redesigned his classroom to make for a better flipped classroom 5/2012
What to do inside the flipped class 5/2012
To Flip or Not to Flip–My blog about why I belive all teachers can incorporate elements of flipped learning into their classes 4/2012
Flipped Teaching is “Nexting”:  History Teacher Flips 4/2012
Flipped Classroom:  Beyond the Videos–great blog post about thinking through the flipped model and the best use of face to face time 4/2012
The Flipped Class is Moving 4/2012
Students Making Flipped Class Videos–My observations of students as they make flipped videos. 4/2012
Flipping the Library Class 4/2012
5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Flipped My Class–Video by John Sowash 4/2012
What to Do Inside a Flipped Class 4/2012
Student Reaction to the Flipped Class 4/2012
Teaching With Compassion: Why I Flip:  Stacey Roshan tells her story 4/2012
What Present Flipped Students Would Tell Future Students in a Flipped Classroom.  Crystal Kirch asked her kids this question and they gave some great responses. 4/2012
The Flipped Class Report–Teacher reports a 20% increase in student test scores 4/2012
Supportive Failure and #flipclass--Music Theory teacher experiments with the flipped class and sees the value in students making mistakes 4/2012
Flipping My Flipped Classroom--teacher Marc Siegel reflects on how he would like to change his flipped class to help his students learn deeper.  A very thoughtful post 4/2012
Flipclass: Seeing Some Success, but not everyone is convinced 4/2012
Is Reverse Instruction Technologies Perfect Storm 4/2012
A Day Without the Flip:  Crystal Kirch shares with us what happened when she went back to the traditional model for a day:  Very insightful 4/2012
Do you dispense class time, like food pellets to lab rats; portioned and universal?  I did. 4/2012
To Flip or Not-Brian Bennet’s response to the ISTE Point-Counterpoint 4/2012
Parent Response to the Flipped Class--Ms Kirch did a survey of her parents and got some great feedback 3/2012
Raising Attainment with the Flipped Classroom –Teacher in Norway sees higher student achievment 3/2012
Flipping Primary Classrooms--I love the use of technology in this blog and some great thinking on how to flip for younger students 3/2012
Student Created Videos--Ms Kirch has her student making the videos 3/2012
Flipping the Class: Its Time 3/2012
No More Desks, No More Rows–Furniture and the Flipped Class.  A brilliant discussion 3/2012
Flipping History Prezi--See Brad Campbell’s prezi about why and how he flipped his history class 3/2012
What to Do when Students Don’t Like Your Videos 3/2012
Flipped Assessment Strategies 3/2012
Flipping the Classroom and Finding the Balance–ISTE 3/2012
Struggles with Motivation and Efficacy–Teachers shares some of her struggles with her flipped class 3/2012
What is the Best Use of Class Time 3/2012
Delila Bush’s blog––She chronicles her flipping her class.  Lots of great resources and thoughts here. Ongoing
Flipped Class Resources--A list of many how to do’s on the flipped class from Dan Spencer 3/2012
Every Student Every Day 3/2012
English Teacher Flips Class 3/2012
#Flipclass Chat on Twitter Starts with a bang 3/2012
Student Question: Is your Flipped Classroom time productive & Useful for Your Learning 3/2012
Flipping Out: Flipping a Classroom, But Where Does That Leave Assessment 3/2012
9 Reasons Why I am a Flipping Convert 3/2012
Prezi on the Flipped Class  Well done ?
The Truly Flipped Classroom 2/2012
When Teachers answer the most importnat question:  Flipped PE–My blog about how teachers at my school have flipped their PE course 2/2012
This is Why I do the Flipped Class 2/2012
Does the Flipped Classroom increase student understanding and proficiency 2/2012
Five Best Practices of the Flipped Class 2/2012
The Power of FFW (A flipped math teacher talks about the power of the fast forward button for his students) 2/2012
Flipping Out–Or Not 2/2012
Flipping Your Classroom with Free Web Tools 2/2012
To flip or not to flip…does reverse instruction work? 2/2012
Assessment in the Flipped Class: YES PLEASE do the test again 2/2012
Flipped Classroom:  A New Learning Revolution 2/2012
30 Online Resources for PBL and Flipped Classrooms 2/2012
The Future of the Flipped Math Classroom 2/2012
Amazing Prezi about the Flipped Classroom--Great presentation about the flipped class. 2/2012
Flipped Class Talent Management--Join in on the discussion about how administrators may need to rethink (flip) their hiring practices in light of the flipped class 2/2012
Flipped Sample Videos for 5th Graders in Stillwater 2/2012
Why the Flipped High School Works–Brett Clark’s blog about his visit to Clintondale High School 2/2012
Presenting the Flip–Learn how one teacher is keeping track of student response to his videos 1/2012
The Flipped Class-Answering Obama’s Call for Creativity in Education 1/2012
Flipping the Classroom with ITS learning 1/2012
Crystal Kirch’s Prezi on the Flipped Class –very nice:  well put together with video of her students explaining why they prefer the flipped approach 1/2012
Flipped PD part two:  these guys are re-thinking the paradigm of professional development.  Cheers 1/2012
How to make a flipped class video–the technology behind the videos 1/2012
Flipping Professional Development 1/2012
How to Check Flipped Class Homework–In my opinion this is a brilliant idea.  I wish I would have thought of it myself. 1/2012
Teachers Flip Their Lectures to Reach More Students 1/2012
Flipping the Classroom–Is it All About the Technology?--Cisco Blog 1/2012
Flipping does not always require internet access 1/2012
Don’t Be Afraid of Making a Mistake. Flip Your Classroom 1/2012
Flipped Math Classroom:  Instructional Movie Workflow 1/2012
The Barreth Blog-How a teacher started the flipped class and failed, and then restarted with success 1/2012
Flipped Class:  Building connections, small groups, and customized learning 1/2012
The Flipped Class and Shifting Paradigmns 1/2012
George Washington Flipped–History Teacher flips his class 1/2012
History Teacher Dives into the Flipped Class 1/2012
35 Examples of the Flipped Class 1/2012
Flipped Classroom/Professional Development  Decision Time--via Promethian Planet 1/2012
The Flipped Class is Here to Stay 12/2011
Flipped Classroom PD-Let the Adventure Begin 1/2012
Mobile Devices and the Flipped Classroom 12/2011
Flipped Classroom:  Tracking Student Interaction with Time Shifted Material 12/2011
My Flipping Realities and Posibilities  12/2011
Flipped Class Defined ??
Can All Classroom Lessons be Flipped?  A good discussion about just flipping lessons instead of classes. 12/2011
What is the Best Technology For Flipped Classrooms? 12/2011
You Khan’t Ignore How Students Learn 12/2011
Flipping the Latin Classroom 12/2011
A Flipped Approach: Another Chapter in the book of Crazy 12/2011
The Software I Would Like to Use for My Flipped Class 12/2011
Flipping For Beginners–Harvard Education Letter 12/2011
TeacherCAst Podcast 26-The Flipped Classroom – With Brett Clarke 11/2011
Should You Flip Your Classroom 10/2011
Kahn and Beyond:  The Many Faces of the Flipped Classroom 10/2011
How YouTube is Changing the Classroom 10/2011
Warning:  Flipping Your Classroom May lead to Improved Student Performance 12/2011
15 Flipped Classrooms We Can Learn From Fall 2011
There is no such thing as THE flipped classroom 10/2011
ISTE take-home message #2:  The flipped classroom makes sense 7/2011
The Flip: Why I Love It–How I Use It 6/2011
An 8th Grade Science Teacher Flips Out ??
It’s a Video Library, Not a Revolution 11/2011
Time Shifting Instruction–Flipped Classroom and Teaching 8/2011
7 Stories From Educators about Teaching in a Flipped Classroomn 9/2011
Going All Out on the Flipped Class 5/2011
Flipped Teaching, A Win-Win at MNW 4/2011
Three Keys to Flipped Classrooms 4/2011
Flip Your Classroom Through Reverse Instruction–The Electric Educator 9/2011
The Flipped Classroom Advances 2/2011
The Flipped Classroom Model:  A Full Picture 6/2011
The Flipped Classroom Explained–A Principals Blog 11/2011
The Flipped Classroom--Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning 6/2011
Progress Report on My Flipped Classroom 11/2011
Flip the Classroom: Every Teacher Should Do This 3/2011
The Flipped Classroom–The Digital Sandbox–Offers some tools as to how to make some of the flipped videos ??
The Flipped Classroom Experiment-Teacher Cast 11/2011
10 Tools to Help You Flip Your Classroom -JR Sowash 4/2011
Flipping the Classroom: What I am Doing 2/2011
The State of the Flipped Class Model (Bergmann/Sams) 3/2011
Flipping Over the Flipped Classroom  4/2011
Why I Bothered to Flip My Classroom 12/2011
5 Reasons Why I’m Not Flipping Over the Flipped Classroom 10/2011
Thoughts on My First Flip 8/2011
Flip Your Classroom by Erin Klein 8/2011
The Inverted Classroom 11/2009
The Active Class:  Flipping Your Classroom–The Active Class Blog 4/2011

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