We believe that one of the keys to becoming a flipped class teacher is to network with other like-minded educators.



The best place to connect is at FlippedClassroom.org.  This is a group of over 14,000 educators talking about Flipped Learning. It is free to join and we have groups for everybody.  Groups for elementary, middle, high school, and college teachers.  We also have subject groups for history, math, science, physical education teachers, and more.

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Many educators are not on Twitter because they don't understand that it has great value.  We believe it is the BEST professional development that we have done since 2011.  

There is a dynamic group of Flipped Learning educators on Twitter.  They use the hashtag #flipclass and have a weekly chat every Monday night at 7:00pm Central Standard Time.  Join us and learn.




11 thoughts on “Connecting to Flipped Learning Practitioners

  1. dear sir,

    i am interested in flipping learning to have a research and i want to ask you some questions:

    1- Is it a strategy or a model of blended learning?

    2- Does it have different kinds or strategies? what is the resource of this classification?

    thanks for your care

  2. Can I use my own videos? I want to make my own videos and make them interactive by adding MC questions.

    Does edpuzzle allow me to track students? Can I tell what students watched the videos and how they did on questions?

      1. Thanks. Are you familiar with edupuzzle? I can't seem to figure out how I can use one of my videos. It asks you to search for a video but doesn't seem to have a way of using own videos

  3. I have been using flipped model for couple of years with good success with my Honors class but my lower level kids seem to struggle with watching the videos. I sometimes get 10% handing in the notes they copied. Many students in lower level have trouble acdemically. I guess you would call them at-risk. They seem to have little interest, lack basic skills, etc… Any suggestions on how I can increase participation?

  4. Hello,

    I just read the article about the Flipped Lab in the carolina email that was just sent to me.  I have been using this very technique all year in my forensic science classes as a prelab.  The students are instructed to watch the video the day before the lab and I give them some questions to answer (1 question I try to make so that their answer is in their own words about the procedure).  I have used administrators, students, faculty and community members in the videos.  One example is in the Forensic Drug Chemistry section.  The drug officer in our county and his drug dog came in for two presentations.  I had him plant some drug evidence (marijuana) in my room and had the dog locate it.  He then talked about the spot color tests for certain classes of drugs.  The students had to watch the prelab video the day before.  The next day Officer Zebron and I performed several tests to samples of cocaine, marijuana and heroin.  The students were able to see the color changes that I talk about in class firsthand and also visualize the marijuana leaf under the stereoscope.  Students loved it.  I love the videos and love having students participate in them.  It has saved a lot of time in class because they don't spend a day with prelab in class.  By the way our Director of Communications has been a big help with the videos.  He incorporates alot of music and animations in them too.

    1. Nancy:  thanks for shaing.  It is great to hear how well this has worked out for you.  Keep up the great work.  Would you be willing to write a guest blog post describing your flipped labs in more detail?  If so, reach out to us via the contact form and we can connect that way. 

  5. Hi.dear .I am PhD candidate of Curriculum and instruction and an English teacher ,my dissertation is about “designing an English curriculum development based on flipped learning for EFL students”.I am eager to come there and use your comments and advice to do my dissertation well.please tell me;can you send me an invitation to take visa for coming there ?

  6. Dear Sirs,
    I’m attending the last year of University in Italy and I’m writing my graduation thesis about the Flipped Classroom. It would be an honor for me receive a comment or simply a definition from you of Flipped Learning to attach. I have studied a lot about this didactic method and I think it is a wonderful way of improving education. Please, let me know if this could be possible. Thank you so much.

    Best regards

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