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3 thoughts on “Flipping Math

  1. Hi Jon and other math flippers! I’ve been a flipper for a few years now, and see many benefits, both for myself, and – more importantly – my students! Anyway, this fall I’d like to try standards-based grading in my pre-calculus class. In order to do this, it seems like I would need several versions of smaller, concept-based quizzes. I saw Jon’s video on how to add questions in Moodle in order to make “thousands” of quiz options. My question is this: In math, how much can you assess with these online quizzes? What about the traditional math way of “showing your work?” I like the premise of the many-versions of online Moodle quizzes, but will those be sufficient to assess the mathematical process for the students? I am very interested to know how other teachers are managing this standards-based or mastery classroom. Thanks!

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