The Team create workshops on a variety of educational change topics. The list below is not comprehensive since we customize our workshops to meet the specific needs of each client. Past workshops include:

  • The Flipped Class
  • Mastering the Chaos: Implementing a Flipped-Mastery Classroom
  • Educational Reform and the Future of Education
  • Rolling out a 1-1 Initiative. (Jon was director of technology as his school rolled out 1-1 iPads for his elementary school)
  • Integrating the iPad into the Elementary Classroom
  • Integrating the iPad into the Secondary Classroom
  • How to Use Social Media to Enhance Professional Development
  • The Flipped Class for Administrators
  • How to Make Videos Students will Love
  • The Flipped Class for Policy Makers
  • The Flipped Class and the Common Core
  • How to integrate Google Apps into your everyday class.
  • How to Use Moodle for Maximum Effectiveness
  • A Look Ahead: What is Going to be the Next big thing in Educational Technology?
  • Designing a School with Learning Spaces in Mind.


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  1. I need basic instruction in flipped classroom. Where and when are workshops available? can they be accomplished vis internet?

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