Dear Jon Bergmann,

Thank you for your engaging keyonte and Q/A session on Friday.  The reviews of your keynote were outstanding and you inspired many conversations that are continuing today!  As the concept of flipped learning continues to catch on, we will keep you in mind moving forward for any additional professional development we may need in the future.  ( We will certainly be ordering your books! )  We look forward to the day where flipping is ubiquitous in our building and we can have you out for a day to take it to the next level!


Jason Janczak 
Social Studies Department Chair                         
Grayslake Central High School


Jon Bergmann knows good teaching.  This expert in Flipped Classroom can relate to all educators and help them in their journey in moving from a teacher-centered to a student-centered education.


Lisa Casto 
Director of Curriculum and Staff Development
Allen ISD, Allen TX


It has been a pleasure working with your team.  Aaron Sams did a phenomenal job and our teachers left feeling comfortable using the flipped method and feeling like they had an actual finished project that they could take back to their classroom and utilize.  The resources that were shared were very helpful.  Several teachers came up to me after the meeting to share feedback and it was very positive.  


Kenisha Williams 
Assistant Principal



We have had Jon Bergmann speak at a number of conferences for us the past two years, and have been very pleased with his enthusiasm and professionalism. There are more and more Flipped Learning presenters out there, but Jon (in our opinion) continues to be the most authentic, and frankly, the best.


Mike Kerr
Executive Director

WI Tech Initiative "Transforming Our State of Classrooms"
Cisco Fellow for the TOSA Foundation




I believe the biggest impact of the “Flipped Classroom” is its capacity to change our thinking about the role of the teacher in a world where information access is no longer a classroom requirement.  Johnathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams are helping us all ask the right questions about learning.


Dr. Ken Helvey
Allen ISD, Allen TX


Jon Bergmann is a wonderful resource if you need help getting by-in from your administrators.  He helped me a great deal.


Celeste Clemons
4th Grade Teacher
Conley School at SouthWood



Feedback From Participants Who Attended Our Workshops


Excellent! I thought Aaron did a great job, and I will certainly be trying the "Flipped Classroom" this year!


I especially liked Aaron's message of starting with the questions 'What is best for my kids? and 'What is the best use of my face-to-face class time?' The purpose of flipping is to free-up class time for more student active learning.


I thought Jon was a wonderful presenter and was fabulous to point out that you don't have to flip EVERYTHING – you can do one video a month. He really lessened the pressure.


Aaron was very approachable and real-world. He gave good advice, especially regarding changing the culture of school.


Jon explained what did not work and why! Great time-saver!


Feedback From Parents

My wife and I would like to thank Mr. Bergmann for bringing attention to an innovative teacher who is promoting so much more than just learning important content.  Our son is in Mrs. Gallagher’s class As a result of her teaching strategies, he has a passion for math and appreciates the role of technology in the classroom.  Additionally, he values independent study since classes are designed to apply the knowledge gained from the videos.  We want to thank Mr. Bergmann, and especially Mrs. Gallagher, for demonstrating that it is never too early for a child to take ownership of their education. These skills will benefit him for years to come.


Parent who's son is in Mrs. Gallaher's class
St. Celestine School ( Elmwood Park, IL )

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