Jon Bergmann recently received an email that made his day.  Mary Tsadi teaches at a dropout recovery program in South Texas and has seen amazing results with her students. Below is the email that made his day.  


Jon continues to be amazed at how the flipped class is changing the lives of students and teachers. And Jon feels that this would never be possible if it were not for dedicated teachers like Mary.  


Jon also had the privilege of interviewing her on his radio show which you can listen to HERE




I have debated whether or not to bother you, as I am certain you are extremely busy, but my husband assures me you are a teacher at heart and my success is your success, so I should email you.  I promise from here in to keep this short.

As you know, I started flipping in 2013 with great success.  Since then, I have recruited another of my teachers to flip with me and we are working on flipping the entire campus for next year.


This year I began implementing flipped mastery and combining that with menus to allow for as much student choice as possible.  I allowed my students to choose the order in which they learn the required material, the type of assignments they wanted to do (where appropriate) and the level of work they wished to do to show their mastery (many, many lower level chances vs a smaller number of more complex chances).  


The success was OFF THE CHARTS.  100% of my science students passed their state exams, which are now end-of-course style, timed exams.  ALL of these students tested MULTIPLE times before joining my campus and, on average, answered about 12 of the 55 questions correctly.  In 13 weeks, we jumped that to an average of 33 questions.


The history teacher had about 75% of her students pass. Given this was her first testing with flipping, I am confident we will increase that percentage during the next round of testing.


What I am even more proud of is that my kids went from science novices to tutoring the current group of students.   


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your story and being an inspiration.  I know this would not have happened if I didn't take the chance.



Mary Tsadi








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