Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams partnered with Edutopia, the educational foundation started by George Lucas, to create a series of videos about Flipped Learning.  These fun and informative videos have been seen by thousands of viewers.  Each video presents an important lesson about how to implement the Flipped Class method well.

3 Ways to Take Your Students Deeper With Flipped Learning


Overcoming Common Hurdles


5 Steps to Formative Assessment


Flipping the Non-Flippable Classes


Getting Everybody on Board


Lets Talk Tech


5 thoughts on “Flipped Learning Toolkit

    1. We just finished a book on flipping the elementary classroom but I am not sure how flipped learning would work for students that young.

      1. I do believe it is possible don’t write Early Childhood Education off yet (smiles)!!! The classroom time could be used for project-based work, intentional teachers set up learning opportunities anyway—we could go deeper and I think the Reggio Philosophy would merry well! formative assessments will not seem so cumbersome/overwhelming. The video could cover things like letter name, sounds, sight words, numbers, object counting, shapes, community helpers, this is scaffolding on the next level– this list goes on and one yes–it’s possible and ECE is a prime candidate!

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