The Team at has worked with the Olathe Public Schools in Olathe, Kansas for three years.  Pioneer trail Middle School has seen many teachers embrace the flipped class model with very good results.  One teacher, Matt Bowers, was just named the district's Horizon Award Winner ( top new educator ) primarily because of him flipping his class.


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“Because of the freed up class time, my students are having mathematical conversations each day that are irreplaceable by any lecture or direct instruction during class.  They become experts, tutors, investigators, and problem solvers and I become a resource they can use rather than the end all be all.  It makes so much sense; I don't know why everyone doesn't do it! “
                          —  Erin Richerson     ( 8th Grade Math Teacher )
“Due to flipped learning, assignments that students used to struggle with I am now there to assist.  Thus, student work is now handed in on time and the students feel great about their learning and the learning process. What's more, class discussions that once began with review are now initiated by students.”  
                          —  Matt Bowers     ( Read 180 Teacher )
“What we are seeing with flipped learning is not only a change in the students and classrooms where this is occurring, but also in the overall positive feel from parents.. Assignments which often caused stress at home when a student was not sure how to do the work and a parent was not able to assist them, now is done with the support of classmates and the teacher. We even have parents watching the lessons with their students and learning the subject right alongside their son or daughter.”
                          —  Dr. Mike Wolgast     ( Principal )

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